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Our farmers

The milk collection service in Tyrol is unique and incomparable with any other Austrian province in the complexity of its structure. There are almost 2000 places throughout the province where Tyrolean farmers gather fresh milk and provide it for daily collection. Alpine pastures, farms and local collection points are where Tirol Milch milk tanker drivers pick up the best raw material for delivery to the dairy.

Tirol Milch operates more than 20 tankers and employs about 55 tanker drivers, who steer their 18 and 26-ton vehicles skilfully around even the narrowest of mountain tracks.

There are no weekends or public holidays for the milk collection service. Perfectly planned rounds are required to ensure a seamless collection process. This is particularly important during the Alpine summer, because, at this time of year, the routes for the tankers lead a few hundred metres higher up the mountain.

A milk tanker needs to stop up to 60 times on a daily round. During the round, tests are performed continually to determine the quality immediately.

"Collecting milk from the furthest corners of Tyrol is frequently no piece of cake, but that's where the best is to be had!"